Run down and tired

As some of you know, this past week has been exhausting-waking up at 4 AM on some days staying at health fairs until 9 PM. Well, today I was feeling run down, and felt like I was going to come down with whatever virus is going around…

I really haven’t been taking care of myself like I should, (adjustments, sleeping, etc.) so I was feeling so tired and run down that I figured I might take some extra VIBE.

There was a little left in a bottle, maybe 2 1/2 ounces (I usually only take 1 a day) and I decided I needed a little extra.

WOW! … Within minutes my nose cleared up, I perked up and stopped feeling sorry for myself.., and best of all that deep, tired feeling is gone.

I recommend VIBE to my patients, carry it on the shelf -but this has made me really excited about this stuff.

If you’ve never tried it-get yourself a bottle today.

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