Mudpie Restaurant

I guess I would have liked this place if I came in for a drink and decided to try a little something on the side, but I came to EAT! I had read the story in Blush Magazine and saw that they had Cuban Food! No need to say more-I was there!

Imagine my disappointment when I tried the food. We ordered a Frita, Papa Rellena, Carimanola, and a Cuban Tamale. Of all those items the only thing that was semi-decent was the Papa Rellena. Actually, the Carimanola was so bad, I think it may have been “off”, since it’s supposed to have the same picadillo stuffing as the Papa Rellena.

It’s a shame, because the place has a nice vibe, and some of the other patrons seemed to enjoy what they ordered.

My advice: Stay away from the “Cuban” food!

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