Good Dog

Want a good Hot Dog? Try these! Very cute funky decor. There are just about any style of hot dogs around. From the “Dirty Water” hot Dog-(which was great!) to the topped-with-so-much-stuff-I-can’t-see-the-dog Chicago Dog.
Good Dog on Urbanspoon
On UrbanSpoon someone mentioned that these hot dogs are pricey-and yes, I suppose that if you compare them to a Costco or Sam’s Club hot dog + Coke for $150 then they ARE pricey. However, these are in a totally different league.

The Frites (fries) are great and served in a cone-and a clever solution is that all the tables have holes drilled into them which will accommodate your cone of frites perfectly.

They also have an incredible variety of hot sauces to add to your dogs or frites.

Try this place! you won’t be dissapointed!

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