Did Chiropractic Save Her Marriage?

logoimageI had a patient that came by the other day for a “routine” adjustment. She hadn’t been in for months and we were chatting and catching up-the moment I felt her spine I asked her if there was more stress in her life. She gave me the standard “Well, I have a lot of stress at work” -I asked her if everything was OK elsewhere because to me it didnt really feel like work stress.

She almost broke down in tears and told me she was having marital problems and was very stressed out.

I proceded to adjust her and of course counseled her about stress management.

A couple of days later she shows up at the office with her husband and tells me that she had been on her way to an attorney’s office to file for divorce , but came in to see me first because of a headache.

She mentioned that if it had not been for the adjustment , she wouldn’t have been able to think straight because of all the stress. She thanked me (and her husband did also!)

Did chiropractic save her marriage ? You be the judge!

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