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I like food. I like different types of food. I don’t even mind good fast food. This place is nasty and the food is disgusting! I can’t see how …


Sounds like a terrible name for a restaurant, no? Well, not if it’s a pizza place with an incredible Crust! The pizza crust is as thin as a cracker …
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We had heard a bunch about this restaurant and wanted to try it , but we were worried about the reviews on Urbanspoon complaining about lousy service. Well, we …

Mellow Mushroom

I have been a fan of Mellow Mushroom for years-when I tried it in Atlanta. The location in Chattanooga doesn’t disappoint-same great menu, same cool atmosphere. This particular time …
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Thai Smile 3

We tried Thai Smile 3 for lunch the other day-the place was packed. Unfortunately, there were only 2 people serving . The service suffered. We ordered and proceded to …
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